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Ancient Woodland Restoration Higher Education Student Resources

Cumbria Woodlands

About The Learning Resources

Welcome to our free, comprehensive learning resources on Ancient Woodland Restoration developed for staff and students of Higher Education Institutes.

The learning resources are comprised of the following:

  • Ancient Woodland Restoration study sites
  • Ancient Woodland Restoration expert conversations
  • Ancient Woodland Restoration Woodland Trust practical guidance introductions
  • Requirements

    These Ancient Woodland Restoration learning resources are open and relevant to those teaching and studying forestry, and related subjects, at Higher Eductation Institutes. The resources have been developed to supplement existing learning resources and broaden awareness of the value of ancient woodland restoration management techniques.

    Resource Authors

    Martin Glynn

    Martin is an independent Chartered Forester based in North Yorkshire. He undertakes forest industry analysis and research assignments across the UK, focussing on initiatives to develop supply chains, the workforce and markets. He has worked with Cumbria Woodlands on a number of projects over the last ten years. Martin is an accredited LANTRA trainer.

    Hannah Field

    Hannah is a freelance consultant in natural resources and farming focusing on facilitation and project delivery. She is a PhD Researcher looking at common land and commoning, investigating how multiple perspectives are brought together in natural resource decision-making. Previously, Hannah worked for Forestry England in visitor services and as Communications Manager, and she has run various woodland and environmental education opportunities for a range of ages.

    Clare de Villanueva

    Following a masters degree in Geology from Durham University Clare worked in Canadian exploration geology. Clare moved from rocks to water while working in flood risk and hydropower, before finally finding her home in the world of trees. Clare has worked with Cumbria Woodlands since 2014 (on and off!), providing project management and consultancy services. She also works in conservation for the Ancient Tree Forum creating training and education resources for the protection of ancient trees.


    These Ancient Woodland Restoration learning resources have been developed and provided by Cumbria Woodlands in partnership with the Woodland Trust. The learning resources have been funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

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